Lake Como, Italy.

Truly a scene from a postcard.

“When you write the story of two happy lovers, let the story be set on the banks of Lake Como.”

– F R A N Z L I S T Z

As I stood on the balcony amongst the clouds and the sunset, my mind entered captivation mode. Sites like this really exist – I thought to myself. I looked over at the infinity pool and saw my friends in a gaze as they too admired the sunset. My mind slowly returning back to the balcony, I realised –


We had all been totally Lake Como’ed”.


Yes, a term I may have just made up. To be blown away, immensely defeated by the world’s beauty. That’s what it means to be Lake Como’ed.

Loved by Artists, Royalty, and George Clooney who brought the 30 million euro “Villa Oleandra” in Laglio as his summer home – Lake Como is a masterpiece.

Lake Como’ed – Siri’s Guide to Balance:

Finding the perfect balance for a trip to Como can be difficult. Staying at the top of a mountain and calling upon a taxi every time you must get down, vs staying down by the lake and having to get a cable car up for the views. So where do you even begin?

Well, there’s no real answer to this guide – except do what Siri done. Visit twice. Visit in two different seasons and stay in two different terrains, a very credible argument if you ask me.

1. Winter Stay – Top of the Mountains:

My most asked question of 2019: “where did you stay when you first visited Como?”. Varenna-Esino Perledo is your answer. No other words than mesmerising.

A tiny little Italian viallge at the top of the mountains, Perledo allows you to escape the norm and experience rural Italy.

Unfortunately, this Villa is a friends home so I would be unable to recommend the exact place I stayed. However, if you proceed in typing “Perledo” into a booking site, a variety of accommodations will arise with the exact same view.

Surrounding towns of Perledo:

With so much to do and see, a 3 hour hike trail guides you from the top of Como, down to the lake.

Of course, with a pizza pitstop and some skiing to keep us occupied along the way.

Barzio Ski Slope:

And there you have it. A winter at the top of Como.

2. Summer Stay – Down by the Lake

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better.. I then visited in the summer. From 0 to 32 degrees, I was convinced this is to be my future home.

The Hilton – Lake Como:

The modernity of the Hiltons was the perfect contrast to this Italian town. Situated in the most perfect location with easy walking distance to all attractions.

Como Town:

A truly Italian summer, this was a vast contrast from the cosy village of Perledo. With the scorching heat driving me to eat gelato for breakfast, lunch and dinner – I was truly besotted by this town!

Now, if I had to give a true evaluation of this post – I think my heart leans towards a summer in Como!

There is something about the sun and ice cream that just gets me. You know?

So which season will you find yourself Lake Como’ed?

With love,


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