Pamporovo, Bulgaria.

Say yes to new adventures.

A trip I never knew I needed, yet would treasure for the foreseeable of 2020. 

As I sit here in quarantine writing about this particular trip, a feeling of gratitude flows through me as I am truly thankful this was my last travel memory. The people, the location, the constant laughs..

..The feeling of complete freedom as you glide through the freshly laid snow, and into a never ending terrain of pure white.

Pamporovo truly was a week I’d never forget. I have been so blessed with the most amazing friends as travel buddies. I often get asked if I travel alone, and the answer is – No, I just fly solo.

However, on arrival.. my friends too, are landing at the same hour. We reside from all over.. London, Paris, Brussels, Moldova – and yet always ensure we’re in the same location for our annual NYE ski trip.

Hotel Neviastata – Pamporovo:

Often, when skiing is put into an equation, many associate this with high costs and thousands of pounds. The main purpose of this blog post is to show you, that in actual fact – this stigma does not apply across the board.

Hotel Neviastata proves just that. 

Easily accessible from Plovdiv Airport, Hotel Neviastata is tucked away in Pamporovo’s mountain range.

Away from the inflated Euro signs of The French Alps or Austria, Pamporovo delivers a quarter of the price.. but with the same view and experience.


After a long day of skiing, the pool and sauna was at hand for a cool down, combining both luxury with activities.

Pamporovo Ski Resort:

A short 5 minute drive, awaited the slopes..

I still remember my first trip to the Italian Alps, and this changed my view forever.

If you’re reading this and have never experienced a skiing holiday, I urge you to go. I promise you, this will change your opinion on every doubt you may have.

Prior to becoming obsessed with skiing, I couldn’t bare the thought of a cold holiday.

However, some of my best memories have been created at the mountain peaks with my favourite people! You without a doubt build a completely different kind of bond as you look out for one another.

Shiroka Laka Town – Pamporovo:

Having spent a whole week in Pamporovo, we were sure to visit surrounding towns. The scenes were truly breathtaking as we drove through the mountainous sideways, whilst the snow fell heavier than ever.

This was my first experience swimming in natures hot springs and indulging in Bulgarian cuisine.

Yes, both below my mind.

This is such an amazing little town for lunch, and a must visit.

Sofia – Bulgaria:

My travel itinerary saw me fly in and out from the capital – Sofia, as oppose to Plovdiv. This is also useful information if you want to see a different angle of Bulgaria.


4 hours North, Sofia was a vast contrast to the slopes of Pamporovo.

With limited hours here, I would recommended visiting Sofia for a day or two before returning! I’ve only heard great things, most definitely on my to-do list for next time.

Bulgaria you have pleasantly surprised me beyond belief. 

I am still in awe as I think back to the incredible memories! The snow, the sauna, and the NYE fireworks.

So the next time you’re planning a skiing trip, don’t forget this one.

 With love, 


PS: A massive shout out to Mariyan and his family for hosting us during our whole trip. This all happened because of you and I am so thankful! 

Until next year. 


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