Mykonos, Greece.

The island of the wind.

“Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately due to high winds – this aircraft is unable to land. We will circle the surrounding area of Mykonos for the next 45 minutes to allow this to calm down.. otherwise Athens it is.” 

I guess I had to find out the hard way. Lesson number 1: If at all possible, avoid visiting Mykonos in May, the windiest period of all.

Aside from my 45 minute role play on what seemed to have been a horror movie set, this trauma was quickly forgotten upon landing.. Mykonos is an absolute dream.

Resort Royal Myconian – Elia Beach:

Just like a postcard, I certainly was not disappointed. The Royal Myconian has been classed as a ‘World Leading Hotel’.

Equipped with its own private beach, swimming pools, restaurants and in house shopping centre.. our hotel blew us away.

Santa Marina Resort – Mykonos:

However, having stumbled across The Santa Marina Resort whilst dining at Buddha bar..

I may have to pay Mykonos a second visit solely to stay here.

Buddha Bar – Mykonos:

Dining on top of the sea doesn’t get much better than this, not to mention how incredible the food and cocktails are.

Mykonos Town:

My highlight of this whole trip was simply taking a stroll through Mykonos town..

..And being in absolute awe as I looked up to constant blossoms of pink flowers.

If you know Siri, you’d know how obsessed I am with designer stores. Mykonos was perfect for this.

Who would have thought? 

This island truly is beautiful and I cannot recommend visiting enough.

Mykonos is perfect for a girls trip, a romantic getaway or simply just a holiday to relax.

So, until next time Mykonos..

 With love, 


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