Nice, Cannes, Monaco – South of France.

The Ultimate Luxury.

Nice, Cannes and Monaco – Name me a better trio..

I’ll wait!

You cannot visit one without the other. I have celebrated 3 birthdays in a row here, and I do not plan to stop any time soon.. and here is exactly why.


Absolutely no words..

I have been to Monaco countless times and yet it never seizes to amaze me.

The Docks..


The cars and shops.. (didn’t mean to make this rhyme, but it works).


The type of city where you’d take your dog for a walk, and return home with a Chanel handbag..

.. And I’m here for it.

There’s a sense of calmness within Monaco as you people watch in Cafe de Paris..

Or laugh as gamblers frantically stroll in and out of the Casinos looking flustered.


No words other than, truly magical.


Red carpets, cute cafes and the French Riviera.

Cannes really is the ultimate summer checkpoint.

Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso

During my time in Cannes I stayed at The Radisson Blu. Having not done much research prior, I was in for a treat when I saw the views!

The hotel was in the perfect location and there was absolutely no need for a taxi, anywhere.

RB - Cannes

Can we also talk about the balcony views?


Without a doubt, the streets of La Croisette will keep you occupied during your whole stay.

Nice: Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Méditerranée

Or why not pass by Nice?

The Hyatt Regency was a great stop over for the most luxurious spa weekend.

Nice - HG

Oh, and room service.


So whether you want to gamble in Monaco, experience palm tree views in Cannes, or simply be lazy like me in Nice..

This is the perfect coast line location for all your needs.

And yes, I did visit all 3 in one go and you can too! 

 With love, 



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