2 Years On, A Life Update.

Stop And Smell the Roses..

Sometimes we get so caught up in life trying to accomplish something big, that we fail to notice the little things that give life its magic. 

I’ve traded in uni lectures for the corporate office, bibliographies and referencing for business meetings, and pre exam all-nighters for 8 hour sleeping patterns and early mornings.

It’s safe to say the Siri you knew from 2016 has grown up. 

It’s been 12 months since my graduation from The University of Nottingham, and 2 years since I’ve last posted. 2 whole years of what I can only describe as the most enlightening years of my existence.

I left my last blog post having returned from my year abroad in absolute despair, painfully trading in my flip flops for trainers.. and the steep hills of UoN campus.

Final year of University was nothing short of a few tears and emotional breakdowns.

But I’d do it 100 times over if life allowed me to. 

Here’s to the deadly migraines of writing 12,500 words in 3 days, to the 3am fire alarms and evacuations in halls, and to the 9am lectures post student-night.

To the £3 Tesco meal deals during unproductive library sessions, to the cooking skills I never knew I was capable of, and of course – to the knowledge I gained that has enhanced me as an individual..

This was it.

The 17 years I had spent in education all came down to this one moment. And in a flash, I had collected my certificate on stage and it was all seemingly over.

Before I knew it, life hit me.

I was petrified that having a 9 to 5 meant I would lose my freedom of travelling.. but this has not been the case whatsoever.

I’ve caught myself shooting off to Africa for the first time, booking same day flights to Europe, and accidentally skiing in the Alps.

Truth is, nothing can stop someone who has a desire to travel.

So here it is, my life update for the last 2 years since my return from Southeast Asia.

Life goes by so fast, remember to enjoy every single moment. The good moments, the bad moments, and every single moment in-between.

So if you get a moment today, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

  With love, 


Ps:  I am back, I am settled and I am so excited to share what I love with you all. Travelling, learning, and of course, writing.  

8 thoughts on “2 Years On, A Life Update.

  1. I so love this, I remember that time 2 years with all your admiration for travel and learning in between and wondered where you went on here. Despite I followed you on Instagram and still do, but you was the one who inspired me to write ‘my’ blog. So thank you! Happy your back sweetie x

    1. Hey Girl! Thank you so much for keeping up to date with me, this means so much! I’m so glad you were able to start your own blog! This makes me so happy! xxx

  2. I’m a teenage girl from connecticut in the U.S and you’re my inspiration! I look up to you so much!! keep being great siri, much love x

    1. You’re so cool! Very nice piece of writing too. Im sure we all are ready and excited to see what’s in store in your interesting life. X

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