Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Singapore’s most iconic hotel.

“Ultimate luxury and breathtaking views” – $585 a night later, but they really were not joking. 

Marina Bay Sands, where do I even start? First of all, I still cannot come to terms with the fact I finally got to stay in this amazing hotel!

Having visited Singapore whilst backpacking prior, I remember going past Marina Bay Sands several times and literally being gobsmacked. Its overall infrastructure was astonishing and nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

Moreover, I remember being around 14/15 when I first saw images of the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands, and said to myself – ‘one day I will stay here’. I had no idea this ‘one day’ will come around so soon.

Sky city view room:

Firstly, we paid £585 a night to stay in our amazing room and every penny was worth it. (Disclaimer: This price was booked very last minute and thus will differ according to date of check-in.)

We booked to stay in the Sky City View room, which ensured we were on level 40 and above – this came at an additional cost, but we didn’t mind if it meant we had the best room in the hotel!

Our room had a direct view of Marina Bay and all its incredible skylines, in addition to the light show which we couldn’t be any more happier about.

Can we please just take in this bath tub. (I have an insanely weird obsession for nice bath tubs – if you cannot already tell from my Instagram, lmao.)

Hotel amenities, The iconic infinity pool – floor 57:

Known for being the infinity pool of all infinity pools, I finally know why.


Stretching across the rooftop of the hotel, Marina Bay Sands’ infinity pool was unbelievable! – It really does put all of the other infinity pools I’ve swam in to shame.


The most insane jacuzzi I have ever gotten in to. The currents were so powerful, it almost felt like I was getting a massage.


Not to mention the insane views of Gardens By The Bay.


The hotel itself also provides guests and visitors with numerous places to dine. Cuisine ranges from Chinese to Italian to Indian to American. Literally any cuisine you can imagine.

Shopping centre:

What was most impressive for me, was the fact the hotel had its own built in shopping centre. With the likes of Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Dior on your footsteps, this location will make you go into retail therapy mode within seconds.

The shopping centre is so large, you have boats taking you from one end to the other.  Crazy right!?

This hotel really was an absolute dream.

I urge everyone to stay here at least once in their lifetime.

Definitely an experience I will never forget!

  With love, 


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  1. Great read once Siri! Beautifully written and really insightful! So happy for you that you have experienced all of this, in spectacularly stylish fashion I might add :). X Jiggy

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