The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Redang Island.

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Paradise Found.

Heaven really does exist on earth. 

These are the kind of places you see on postcards, but instead – this was right in front of my eyes.

The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Redang Island – I have no words.

Finally back on mainland, my mind has yet to register just how astonishing this trip really was! As cliche as it may sound, I almost felt like I was dreaming.

Cliff Bay Suite:

The resort offers a variety of rooms to which you can chose the most appropriate. We paid RM657 (£120) per night to stay in our amazing suite – not to mention being upgraded several times!

(Disclaimer: This price was booked several weeks prior in the country of location, and thus will differ if travelling from abroad. (UK, US, etc.) 

The easiest way to get to The Taaras is via airplane to Kuala Terengganu Airport. The island is then approximately an hour journey by ferry from Shah Bandar Jetty.



The 5* resort comes equipped with every amenity possible – meaning you were occupied every second of everyday.

Resort Amenities:
Private Beach:


The private beach was the highlight of Taaras for me. Not only was it private, quiet and secluded – but it was beyond breath taking.

The crystal clear water alongside the white sand had me mesmerised from the moment I landed on its vicinity.

Resort Pools:

The resort comes equipped with not one, but two pools. The first is located at the beach front, allowing you to swim just metres from the ocean itself.


The second is located in the Villa, situated at the top of the hill overlooking the whole resort! My friends and I were lucky enough to spend a day in its presence.




The resort also comes equipped with daily activities provided to guests for free! This was the second highlight of our trip as our itinerary was ultimately done for us.

These activities consisted of Diving, Snorkelling, Swimming with Sea Turtles, Kayaking, Beach Volley Ball, and many more.


The resort provides 4 different venues to which guests can dine. Cuisine ranges from Western to local Malay dishes. Not to mention the sea front bar offering the most exotic cocktails.

The food was so yummy, my friends and I ranked up our fair share of the tab here!


I mean, I’m not a gym enthusiast myself, but this gym made me want to work out.



Tucked away within the gardens of Taaras, the spa offers packages to rejuvenate any soul.

Lastly, the resort was so well maintained and kept, I have absolutely no faults.

 The Taaras was worth its 5* rating. The overall ambience was outstanding to say the least!

I had the time of my life here and will definitely be visiting again.

  With love, 



P.S: Shout out to my travelling buddies! It’s been so real. 


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