Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

The Land of Tea, Honey and Strawberries!

All three of my favourite things – how did I get so lucky?

The Cameron Highlands, most definitely the coldest temperature I have felt in the 10 months I have been travelling in Southeast Asia. With eco-conscious trekking, unexplored forests and interesting temples, there is serenity to be found beyond its vast tea plantation.

We stayed at the Casa Bloma Resort, and paid 25RM for an all day tour of the vicinity! So lets begin..

Tea Plantation:

The stretch of green occupying my every move was one which took my breath away! Being surrounding by tall skylines and buildings 24/7 in Kuala Lumpur, the highlands is a breath of fresh air.

Specifically known for its tea making expertise, the Cameron Highlands did a fantastic job at educating its tourist.


Starting firstly with their tea factory to allow visitors to see exactly how it is made.

After this, we sat down at the edge of the highlands and of course, drank tea to our hearts content.

Strawberry Farm:

Eeeeek. This was definitely my favourite part of the trip! I ABSOLUTELY adore strawberries so this was basically a dream come true for me lmao.

We paid 30RM to collect half a kilo of strawberries and I promise you these were absolutely unreal. I’ve never tasted strawberries as fresh, and delicious as these. Definitely worth every penny.

Bee Farm:

I have no idea how we ended up here, but we did, and we loved it.

We left 10 jars of honey heavier. To which 3 jars were finished during our taxi ride back to our hotel (oops).

Butterfly Farm:

If the bee farm wasn’t enough, we was adamant to visit the butterfly farm.

But we got more than just butterflies..

Snakes, beetles, rabbits, scorpions? It was the most random selection of animals paraded in this ‘butterfly farm’ – I was beyond baffled, nevertheless an interesting 30 mins of my life.

Rose Garden and Buddhist Temple:

On our way out we paid a quick visit to the Rose Garden and Buddhist Temple!

Cameron Highlands, you have been nothing but pleasant surprises!

Definitely worth a visit if you want a different perspective of Malaysia.

  With love, 


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