The Lion City.

A dime piece of Southeast Asia. 

I have never been so infatuated with a city as much as I have with Singapore. I never thought I could love a city as much as London.. then I stumbled across this wonder.

With so little time, and so much to do.. I had no idea just how jam-packed my next four days were going to be.

But firstly, I just wanted to praise how amazingly efficient public transport is in Singapore!

We brought a 3 day tourist pass for $20 and explored the city to our hearts content!

First stop..

Parliament Street:

Being Politics students and all, we felt it was only right to pay a visit to Parliament Street..

A very modern day revamp, in comparison to the houses of parliament back home in London. We also paid a visit to the Supreme court and absolutely loved it.

Moreover, Rebecca and I often explore the historical context of a country, before exploring the mainstream locations. This lead us to the National Gallery of Singapore, which btw – we was blown away by.


Not only did we explore the art of Southeast Asia, but we also discovered Singapore before and after colonisation by the British.

Oh god, this is starting to sound like a school trip lmao! Nonetheless, we’ve both got great interest in International Relations, so this was more intriguing than boring to us!

What a fantastic Gallery this was! Every corner was a new discovery.

Once we finished our historical research lol, we began to explore the Lion city of Singapore..


Marina Bay:

This location left me absolutely speechless. Singapore really is a mini Dubai. The skylines took over the city, as you watched boats cruise over the river.


We were lucky enough to catch the light show as they displayed the history of Singapore – via holograms. Nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Beyond breath taking. 

Marina Bay Sands:

Singapore’s most iconic hotel, and now I see why! this building was absolutely striking.


Whether it be at night, or during the day.

Gardens By the Bay:

Directly opposite the hotel, this was a site not to be missed.


Gardens by the Bay offers breath-taking waterfront views. This multi-award winning horticultural destination spans 101 hectares of reclaimed land, displaying a ‘forest in the cloud’.

The gardens have a light show every night at 7:45 and 8:45 which will blow your absolute mind. Becca and I came back twice because we loved it that much!

But this was  not the only beautiful Garden that Singapore had..

The Botanic Gardens:

The Gardens possess an array of botanical and horticultural attractions with a rich history and a wonderful plant collection of worldwide significance.

The Gardens stretched so far that it had enough room for a rainforest!

However, it was when we entered the Orchid gardens that our lives really changed..

We couldn’t quite believe our eyes.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different kinds of Orchids in my life! 

China Town & Little India:

Singapore was filled with culture, so we took advantage of it. We passed through China Town and Little India.

I could have sworn I cried real tears when I had to leave!

What an amazing city. 

With love,


PS: This is how Becca and I left our mark in Singapore!

Location: Clarke Quay. 

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  1. These blogs that you posts are very inspirational and I would like to explore as well! Keep it up, very talented! XOXO
    By the way do you use your phone for these photos or an actual camera, and if so may I ask what camera?

    1. Thank you so much! That makes me happy! I couldn’t encourage you anymore to travel! And believe it or not, these are all taken on my iPhone 6S. No retouching or editing either! X

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