Kindness costs nothing.

‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.’

Light of the world refugee school, Serdang – Malaysia. A place of home for many of these children, and a place that changed my perspective on life. 

These refugee children do not have a chance to join public schools, so this is a means to make them more employable so they can fend for themselves.

Most of these community centers cannot even afford to pay rent, let alone teachers – and therefore rely soley on volunteers to teach, and locals to donate.

These children come from all over, including Myanmar, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq – even local stateless children who could not get admitted into schools.


What strikes me most is how little they have, yet their smiles express so much more. Ann, Rebecca, and I volunteered to teach these children and I think it taught us more than it taught them.

Their “school” was an empty platform above abandon buildings, equipped with just tables, chairs and a whiteboard.

I was in awe as I watched their little faces light up when they read English, or got a maths equation correct. I couldn’t help but get emotional most of the time as I thought about how easy I had it when it came to education. A class room, a playground, computers, books and basic writing essentials.

The fact that I can make an impact on someones life makes me feel content beyond words.


Often in life we get so caught up in our day to day, we forget to be thankful. So, be thankful for the small things, big things, and everything in between.

We have two hands for a reason. One to help ourselves, the other to help others. 

Be the reason someone smiles today!

 With love,



6 Replies to “Refugee School.”

  1. It good to give back to the community and the less unfortunate. Thank you for being inspirational and making me want to do something to positive to help. Also, reminding me how an act of kindness can never be wasted. 😊😊

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