F1 Malaysian Grand Prix.

Ready, Set, Go.

“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough” – Mario Andretti.

The Malaysian Grand Prix – one of the best experiences I have ever encountered. Not only did I get the pleasure of meeting Lewis Hamilton, but I also had amazing seats to watch him in action.

However, lets rewind a few days prior to race day..

Myself and the girls went into KL City Centre for Nandos, when we stumbled across Lewis in the shopping centre! –Breathe Siri, breathe.. But how could I? I came for peri chicken and got Hamilton – the most humble person I’ve yet to lay my eyes upon.

He recognised our London accents and immediately came over – signed my cap and from there, I was ready for the Formula 1 weekend.

 Saturday was qualifiers, and of course Hamilton won! I was situated up on the hill stand and the view was great considering I only paid RM170 for my ticket.

However, on Sunday – race day, I was lucky enough to have witnessed the race in the start line seats – a sight I will never forget. The vibe was astounding – almost everyone was dressed for their supporting teams and the cheers were incredible.

Although the outcome was not what any of us expected – Lewis Hamilton was on fire regardless, literally – Sorry Lewis. Despite his engine going up in flames, the support was as immense as ever! #TEAMLH #TEAMMERCEDES

As the race ended, those who were close enough to the front were able to jump over and onto the track – nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.

The atmosphere was absolutely INSANE – I went from sitting down in my seat to jumping gates and onto the track in a matter of minutes.

But it doesn’t end there – oh no. It was time for the Usher after concert! – can this day get any better?

I did not know what to expect, but he went on to deliver and beyond. He gave us his classic throwbacks to his most current songs. As Confessions Pt. II came on, I knew I was done for the evening. Thanks for making my life Usher.

Guys honestly, I want to express how amazing this weekend really was. It’s one thing watching it on TV, but being there in person – wow. I’ve never been into sports, let alone F1 – but this has completely converted me.

You HAVE TO attend a Formula 1 race at least once in your lifetime! – get it on your bucket list.

I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

 With love,


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