Sky Bar, Kuala Lumpur.

Intoxicating views.

Yes – Pun intended. 

Situated in the heart of KL, Sky bar brings you a whole new altitude of chilling out in a chic and cosmopolitan atmosphere. 

With amazing cocktails, amazing vibes and even better views, Sky Bar @ Traders Hotel is like no other rooftop bar I’ve seen.

With a lit up swimming pool also in sight, Sky bar is the place to be on a Saturday evening when you don’t want to hit up the club! The bar overlooks the Petronas Twin Towers directly. Absolutely breathtaking – pictures really do not do this view justice.

Not only that, but seating booths on the edge of the bar make you feel on top of the world – literally. In the midst of the music, the bar provides a push button in which you press and a waiter is at your service! – definitely no complaints there.

Music. The most important factor when deciding where to spend your evening. WELL.. I was pleasantly shocked when I walked in and old school R&B was playing! YASSS to you Sky Bar! As the night progressed, so did the music – covering all genres.

With free admission and cocktails as cheap as RM33, Sky Bar is a must see when in KL.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a cosmo – or three.

 With love,



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